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A Life Manifesto. Why to Have One?

A Manifesto is a statement of the intentions, motives and views of the issuer. Therefore, your Life Manifesto defines your intentions, motives and views with regards to the life you want to live. It compares to the policies some organizations issue, with their...

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The Work-Life Balance Myth

While everybody talks about it, I believe that the Work-Life Balance is a myth; it’s one of those concepts the media sales us and we buy without questioning what are we buying. Work-Life Balance doesn’t exist, this is WHY Although our society highlights the importance...

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6 Pillars That Balance Your Life

We, human beings, are complex creatures. In one side we embody our body, mind and soul; but, on the other side, as social beings, our emotions, environment, sense of meaning and how we relate with others, are also are crucial for us to feel balanced, content and...

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On Leadership, Management and the Like

The joy of leadership comes from seeing others achieve more than they thought they were capable of. Simon Sinek This quote on leadership by Simon Sinek, made me think of the joy I feel when my clients, make changes and get to achieve and live more than they expected...

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The Saturday Night Syndrome

Do you know what the Saturday Night Syndrome is? Are you suffering from Sunday Night Blues? The Saturday Night Syndrome is my version of your Sunday Night Blues. According to Wikipedia, Sunday Night Blues is an acute condition, mostly affecting 9 to 5 workers and...

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I’m Not Good Enough

I’m not good enough seems to be the subjacent limiting belief, the bottom line personal lie that most of us is living by. You may think it’s another limiting belief what has you stuck in a job, a relationship, a life you don’t want to live, but it isn’t; it’s I’m not...

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Navigating Changes

Changes are always scary and usually intertwined with beginnings, therefore the better we navigate them, the easier the transition is and the wiser and stronger we become in the process. Changes are prompted in different ways; sometimes you decide them, others, life...

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7 Benefits Of Being Yourself

“Be yourself before you forget who you really are” David Cuschieri   We tend to live to other people’s expectations, afraid of criticism and judgement, doing what others expect us to do; hiding who we are, our aspirations and attributes. However, when you decide to...

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Things May Not Be as Your Mind Tells You

Our mind plays games with us, making us believe things are in a certain way, but things may not be as your mind tells you. Recently, I facilitated a workshop, inspired by the content of the book The Passion Test, by Janet Attwood and Chris Attwood, to help the...

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