Would you like to feel there is a reason, an intention and a purpose behind what you do everyday? As I believe that it is possible and it brings you motivation and joy, I’m sharing 5 steps to find purpose in your everyday life.

Although people, including myself, talks about having a life purpose, I also believe that our purpose may change throughout the stages of our life and that we also can give a purpose to what we are doing or the stage we are at in life.

You can change the way you see your current situation and go from feeling demotivated and even stuck, to finding ways to use it to support what is meaningful to you or even your long-term vision.

How to do it

Let’s say that you’re in a job where you feel you aren’t growing, don’t see a clear future for you or just, you don’t find meaning on what you’re doing. How to flip it and find purpose on it?

  1. Get clear on what is going on

Sometimes it isn’t what you do, but the management style or the politics what is bothering you. Other times it’s that your life is out of balance and this is the source of your dissatisfaction, although you might believe it’s your work. So getting clear on what’s going on is important, so you know what you need to work on. (You can read about the Work-Life Balance Myth here)

  1. Find out what you really want

This is your starting point, having clarity on what you really want in the short and long term, allows you to set the strategy to get the results you want, otherwise you may begin a cycle of repeating experiences once and again, until you get the clarity you need to get unstuck. (Fin more reading Would You Like Your Life To Change? here)

  1. Identify your options

You can’t change what’s beyond your control. Sometimes, reframing the situation is just what you need to see things with a different perspective. However, there are cases where you’ll need to make changes. In this case, your next step is to find out how you could change the situation and get closer to what you want. List and ponder your options, before deciding what course of action you will take.

  1. Set your plan

If changing perspective wasn’t your way out, then it is time to set a plan that allows you to give a purpose to your current situation, while you’re building your way out and moving towards what you want.

You have defined the basis for this plan in the steps 2 and 3, so use any tool you’re familiarized with, e.g. Mind mapping, Gantt chart, Excel, Trello, Asana, etc. to help you breakdown your project stages, define milestones, priorities, etc. Must of all, don’t forget to assign due dates and resources to your tasks and stages.

  1. Take action, review, adjust and celebrate

Having a plan isn’t enough to get to your goals. You need to take daily action, assess your results periodically, adjust your plan as and when needed and CELEBRATE your small wins, as well as your big achievements. Celebrating fuels your motivation, your self-confidence and your desire to continue your journey.

With these simple steps you will feel empowered and more in control while you create the life you want to live.


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Image: terimakasih0 via pixabay.com