A Manifesto is a statement of the intentions, motives and views of the issuer. Therefore, your Life Manifesto defines your intentions, motives and views with regards to the life you want to live.

It compares to the policies some organizations issue, with their intentions in a certain areas, e.g. quality, environmental management, etc.

The Holstee manifesto is perhaps the most shared Life Manifesto in the world. It calls for getting empowered, taking total ownership of your life and creating and living the life you want to live.

Article: A Manifesto. Why to Have One?

The Holstee Manifesto

Creating Your Life Manifesto

Your Life Manifesto is a short document that reminds you of the life you are intending to create and live and your goals and that gives you the inspiration and motivation you might need when things don’t go as expected, or when you get out of focus or distracted by life’s events. It works both as a call to action and a statement of principles.

The first step to create your Life Manifesto is to get clear on the life you want to create, how living it will make you feel and what your main objectives are in order to create and live that life. These are the basis of your manifesto.

As stated above, it’s a declaration of your aspirations; then you can update and adjust it as and when needed.

The Life Manifesto I propose, contains 3 sections:

  • First section: A summary in few phrases of the life you want to live and you’re committed to create.
  • Second section: A brief description of how living this life makes you feel.
  • Third section: A list of the main objectives you’ve set, that will allow you to create the life you have envisioned. You can define an objective for each pillar of your life (read more here), or less or more, as you desire.

Print out, sign and date your Life Manifesto once you’ve created it and keep it where you can read it frequently, so it gives you inspiration and motivation to take action towards your objectives.

As we are dynamic beings, always evolving, growing and changing, it’s important to revise your dreams and your Life Manifesto every now and then, to reflect main changes in your life and aspirations.

My Manifesto

On March 2017, I wrote my own Life Manifesto, which is still valid today and that I’m sharing with you, to help you figure out what I mean.

Article: A Life MAnifesto. Why to Have One?

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My Life Manifesto states my aspirations and main objectives both personally and professionally. From it I breakdown the objectives into plans and these into goals and actions, that are even broken down further to define my weekly and daily actions.

Mine is quite broad, as I include an objective for each of the 6 pillars of life (read more here), you can write yours with more detail or including only some areas of your life.

Take some time for yourself, dream about living the life you want to create and write your own Life Manifesto down.

If you need help creating your Life Manifesto, let’s have a chat I would love to help you.