How would you rather to wake up every morning? Dragging yourself out of the bed, complaining about your day ahead, or Feeling motivated and enthusiastic because of your day ahead?

These days, I see successful people feeling that their jobs don’t fulfil them, for whom anticipating another tedious day doing something meaningless to them, makes them want to stay in bed.

If this is your case, don’t panic. It can be a sign that:

  • Your values and those of the organization are in conflict, although you aren’t conscious of that;
  • Your expectations with regards to your job aren’t met; or
  • You find no purpose in what you are doing.

I have been there too and I can assure you that in either case, there is a way forward, although you may not see it yet.

In several moments throughout my 40 year career as engineer and mainly during my last job, waking up and getting ready to go to work was kind of a torture, making me slower than I usually am in the morning.

At first I blamed others, the country, the company, my boss, until I realised the cause: I found no meaning or motivation in my work.

Search for meaning and motivation

In my search for meaning and motivation in my daily work, I thought of going back to be a consultant, it would be easy, I already had done it.

To make my CV more appealing, I took trainings on disciplines I have worked on before. However in each case, once I finished my training, I found I couldn’t see myself working on that.

My search kept evolving, at first, I gave a purpose to my job and set the intention of keep searching, it helped me a lot, as I felt empowered. Some time later, talking with my coach about what I’ve done in the past, I realized what brings me joy, what makes my heart sing, what I’m passionate about. That was a real turning point.

After that, I gave a bigger purpose to my job. In addition to helping me save money for my retirement, it also would buy me the time and resources I needed to get trained on what I really wanted to do.

I remember there was a moment when my Manager told me that I was the only happy person in the department and yes I was, I was motivated and joyful every day anticipating what my future will be.

The results

In the process, I found another source of dissatisfaction in the lack of alignment between my values and those of the industry and the company I was working for.

Once I had a client who’s unfulfilled expectations where the main cause of her dissatisfaction, therefore evaluating them against her job function and organisational culture, was the way to reframe it, while she decides a long-term strategy.

It isn’t easy to change jobs or career, after been in yours for several years or decades, but if you are in a situation where you can’t find joy and meaning on what you’re doing, the only person that can either reframe the situation, repurpose your job, or plan the way forward is you.

Having clarity on what you want and a plan to get there will boost your motivation, as you can begin to anticipate how reaching your goal will make you feel. This in turn, feeds your will to take action, which feeds your empowerment and motivation.

At the end of the day, it’s your life, you’re the CEO; you’re the person taking the decisions. As Rob Bell says in one episode of his podcast, you are The Committee.

If dragging yourself out of bed every morning is something you’re experiencing, why don’t you book a FREE Exploration session to help you find what’s going on.

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