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Your next step towards a purposeful, balanced and joyful life

Tailoring Your Life and Regaining Purpose is a program that helps professional women that are on the breaking point to define and create the successful life they desire, so that they can have balance, motivation and a real sense of purpose, fulfilment and accomplishment.

Before you read forward, let me ask you some questions:

  • Are you overwhelmed by the number of roles you play and the responsibilities you have and would like to have a life where your roles are balanced, where you even have time for self-care and self-development?
  • Do you feel demotivated, tired of being tired, thinking your life is too dull and would like to have joy and motivation every day of your life?
  • Are you feeling like there is something missing in your life or that you are not living to your full potential, even though you have it all and would like to live feeling motivated and having a sense of contribution, fulfilment and accomplishment?
  • Do you want to make some changes in your lifestyle, but are afraid it would add to your already complicated life or don’t know where to begin with?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, please keep reading, as this program may be just what you are looking for to create the fulfilling life you are craving for.

In this six (6) months program you will:

  • Assess where you are now, so you can set a baseline and identify what areas are neglected or out of balance.
  • Make an inventory of your talents, strengths, passions and driving forces, as well as the emotional support you have or need.
  • Identify the beliefs and blocks that are holding you back and preventing you reach your potential and define strategies to overcome them.
  • Identify your purpose and be clear on why you want to make changes and move forward with your life.
  • Visualise what you want in your life, how would your life be and feel in an ideal world.
  • Restructure and take back your time by making an inventory of the resources and help you count on and optimizing their use.
  • Craft a Vision of the life you want to live, so you can have a Life Manifesto that will guide you like a roadmap.
  • Assess where you are now with regards to this vision, so the gap analysis allows you to identify priority areas to work with.
  • Set the action plan that will take you from where you are, to your vision, so that you can have short, medium and long term goals; evaluate your options to achieve them; assess your progress and update your plan accordingly, so you adjust to internal and internal factors that may impact your plan.
  • Identify potential obstacles in your way and set the strategies that will allow you to overcome them, so you are prepared to deal with them.

This will allow you to be more aware of your internal resources and strengths, take purposeful actions, manage your circumstances, have motivation to make the changes that will allow you to live each day feeling motivated and knowing where you are heading to.

At the end of the program you will have:

  • A clear vision of what a successful, balanced, meaningful and fulfilling life means to you and how living it will feel like.
  • A clear picture of the most relevant elements and components of your life and how they contribute to the life you are living and the one you want.
  • Identified important components of your life you have neglected and begun to give them the attention they need.
  • Clarity and motivation to make the decisions and changes required to begin to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.
  • Identified opportunities to optimize the use of resources available to you and have a plan to acquire the additional ones you may need to achieve your goals.
  • Identified thoughts and beliefs that may be disempowering you, holding you back and contributing to your sense of overwhelming, frustration and unhappiness, would have dismantled some of them through the evidences that show they are false and have strategies to overcome potential obstacles in your way to your goals.
  • Have a clear action plan to support your journey towards the life you want in the short, medium and long term.
  • Have tools that will support your journey beyond the duration of the program.

In summary you’ll feel empowered, in control of your life & circumstances, knowing what you want and why you want it and will be taking purposeful actions to achieve it.

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Fantastic!! Carmita was patient and caring and she listened to me. With her intuitive assistance I have finally, after almost 15 years, set in motion an actual plan of action to obtain a professional educational goal.
Without Carmita’s guidance and encouragement, I am certain that would not yet have such clarity about what to do, how to do it and most importantly, WHY to do it.

Gina Nigro

Seville, Spain

The coaching process with Carmita brought clarity to my ideas and reinforced my discipline to methodically follow a step by step process to achieve my goals.
Carmita is very objective and has many resources to make me dig deeper, to be clear and make effective decisions.

Lorena Gallo

Caracas, Venezuela