From my point of view, having a sense of meaning in your life and what you do is perhaps, the main source of joy, satisfaction and fulfilment you may find.

It doesn’t matter how important the position you work in is, how much you’re paid or how many material things you have, if you don’t find meaning on what you do, you have a sense of emptiness, feel something is missing in your life despite having it all and I’m talking from my own experience.

According to the Oxford’s dictionary, the word meaningcan stand for: “important or worthwhile quality; purpose”, having synonyms such as: value, worth, usefulness, significance and this is how I’m using it.

As human beings we have a need for significance, connection and contribution.

It means that, you need to feel unique, special or needed, to feel related to someone or something and to have a sense of service, of giving to and supporting others. Fulfilling these needs, gives you have a sense of meaning and satisfaction.

What gives you a sense of meaning?

You have a sense of meaning when you:

  • Have a clear purpose and reason for what you do.
  • Feel that you’re, in some way, contributing to a greater good.
  • Find satisfaction on your career and what you do.
  • Have a professional vision and keep moving in that direction.
  • Support your community directly or indirectly.

How can you find it, if you haven’t yet?

To find meaning in your life, it is important that you:

  • Become aware of what your main talents are.
  • How you’re using them and how could you use them more.
  • What you enjoy doing that could solve a situation or need others have.
  • Have a clear vision about how you want your professional career evolve with time.

I don’t mean that you have to quit your job if you find it meaningless.

You can find ways to use your talents in avenues different to your work, like volunteering, a side hustle or hobbies; give your current job a purpose and set a plan to do that that gives you meaning; find a job that matches better with your talents and passions, etc.

As you see, there are many options; the decision is yours.

At the end of the day, you are the Director, the CEO, the General Manager of your life, so you can always chose what to do.

What does give a sense of meaning to your life?

If you haven’t found yet what gives meaning to your life, book a Free Exploration Session and get the clarity you need and define your way forward.

Image: mohamed_hassan via Pixabay