Everybody is talking about mindfulness and presence, as a key to live more fully, but how can you become more mindful and present? And what the advantages are?

The advantages

From my point of view, being more mindful and here and now, helps you to discover limiting beliefs and behaviours that are engrained in your subconscious mind.

Once you got the AHA moment, you can initiate the process of changing them. And I say process, because the ego is very clever and loves to be in control, so using an affirmation or making a certain mindfulness exercises once, isn’t enough to change your limiting beliefs and unconscious responses.

In her article Combined Guided Meditation and Journaling, Lynda Monk reports that increased mindfulness can help you reclaim and increase your ability to:

  • Choose the responses that will help you create the reality you desire.
  • Experience each moment of your life more fully.
  • Increase your capacity for insight and understanding.
  • Generate a greater sense of meaning and purpose in what you do

As I state above, she also says that increased mindfulness does not just happen – it needs to be worked at by being fully present in the moment observing, ideally without judgment, your own thoughts, feelings and experiences.

When you are in a mindful state, you are more attuned to not just your thoughts (mind) but your physical sensations (body) too. Therefore, you become more able to respond purposefully instead of reacting automatically to life’s requirements.

How to become more mindful & present

As I have said above, becoming more mindful and present is a process; it starts with your decision to make conscious changes and pay attention to your reactions and responses throughout the day.

One tool I use and that has helped me a lot is journaling. Letting out whatever is in my mind through writing during some 15 minutes or more every morning.

To start up the writing process, I either: ask myself some questions; observe my mood and ask myself what’s going on; reflect on a recent event and ask myself why I felt or reacted the way I did; or just seat in front of the notebook with my pencil in my hand.

Then I begin to write whatever comes, with no judgement, some days the flow brings creativity and I later use those words to create an article or post.

Other days the pain comes out and I find inside of me a little girl still feeling hurt or a woman angry for something that had happened.

Sometimes I become aware that I have been projecting certain people and events once and again changing the role players and scenarios.

Whatever comes, is an insight as it’s informing me about what’s going on within me, that I haven’t paid attention to, so I can decide on how to dismantle my ego and be more present, living here and now, relating to the person in front of me, not to the person from the past I’m projecting on her.

An anecdote and my way forward

Lately I’ve been working (again) on self-acceptance, on accepting myself as a woman and letting go of the need of approval and validation (from others).

So, I decided to use the question: What would it take to not need to be approved and validated (by others)? As a prompt for my journaling and let the words flow, talking about being courageous enough to be myself and show myself as I am, rebellious, creative, coquette, playful, musical, etc.

I finished writing but, the words were still resonating in my mind and I began to feel in my body the symptoms of the fear that came with the idea of showing myself as I am, despite what others can say; the fear of being disapproved.

These symptoms confirm that the next step for me is to make accepting, approving and validating myself a part of my daily practice and for that I choose to:

  • While I look at my eyes in the mirror, tell myself: Carmita, I love and accept you, as you are! You’re amazing!
  • Whenever I finish a task to my satisfaction, I’ll tell myself words like: Well done, Carmita; This is beautiful; I knew you’d do a great job.
  • Whenever I feel disapproved by somebody, I’ll ask myself: What is this person triggering in me? Whom am I projecting on her? And I’ll say: I love and accept myself; I don’t need this person’s approval to be myself.

I hope what I’ve shared helps you become more mindful and present and to create the life experience you want to live.

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