Changes are always scary and usually intertwined with beginnings, therefore the better we navigate them, the easier the transition is and the wiser and stronger we become in the process.

Changes are prompted in different ways; sometimes you decide them, others, life decides for you. Even it might happen that, when you decide to make a change, a domino effect occurs and you have to make additional changes to accommodate them or adjust to them.

I myself have experienced a cascade of changes triggered early last year, when I decided to make a big change, and planned accordingly; however, the results at first weren’t what I expected.


When I didn’t have the results I wanted, as you can guess, I felt annoyed and disappointed, but I didn’t dwell on these emotions for too long, I acknowledge them and I decided to act.

I revisited my goals, the reasons for the change I wanted to make, my options, adjusted my plan, logistics and time lapses, redefined my actions, this is, I made additional changes.

Perhaps the worst part has been the moments of uncertainty, when I thought I wouldn’t achieve my goal, even though I knew I could get it.

Beside the changes and adjustments I made, I have also recognised my lessons from the process, as the failures and set backs had made me stronger. I can see how I’ve become a lot more patient, more flexible and how I have learnt to navigate changes, to ask and accept help and support from friends and family, to enjoy the blessings these changes brought to me, as reconnecting with friends and relatives I haven’t seen in years.


I am now initiating a new stage in my life, I know there will be challenges, learnings, growth; what I’ve learnt from this experience will help me to face them and make easier navigating this new season.

Changes and beginnings call for your internal and external resources, they may be daunting, but navigating them can make you stronger, with new or renewed skills and possibilities and a richer support network. If you face them stretching yourself out of your comfort zone, allowing yourself to ask for help and support, they’ll become your allies on the process to become a better expression of you.


Do you want to make changes, but don’t know where to begin? Let’s have a chat and find out your way