Do you know what the Saturday Night Syndrome is? Are you suffering from Sunday Night Blues?

The Saturday Night Syndrome is my version of your Sunday Night Blues. According to Wikipedia, Sunday Night Blues is an acute condition, mostly affecting 9 to 5 workers and students, characterized by anxiety about the week ahead and a sense of helplessness and depression. It most often occurs on Sunday afternoons and evenings.

I believe this condition may have several roots, being the main of them, the lack of connection with what you do, that is, the lack of purpose in what you’re doing. Other causes could be feeling that you’re running the hamster wheel rushing nowhere, that you’re work is meaningless, that life is happening to you and passing you by.

I know those feelings very well, I felt like that for several years, suffering the blues on Saturdays, as I was working from Sunday to Thursday.

What my Saturday Night Syndrome symptom was?

The main symptom I had was INSOMNIA, a pervasive insomnia that nothing could defeat. At first I was concerned and tried everything from taking a warm shower, going to bed when I was feeling sleepy, to taking magnesium (CALM) and homeopathic remedies; however, NOTHING worked.

Later, I became in use with it, so I already knew it might happen either from the very beginning or at a certain point of the night, so I learnt to live with it and named it the Saturday Night Syndrome, knowing it was clearly related to the fact that the weekend was over and I had to be at work next morning at 6:30 am.

Article: The Saturday Night Syndrome - Carmita Prieto

The Saturday Night Syndrome. Symptoms

How did I get rid of it?

The Saturday Night Syndrome begun to disappear when I changed my attitude from passive victim to empowered actor of my life (read more on From Corporate Hell to Professional Joy) and with the right support, I got clear of what I really wanted to use my talents, passions and time for and decided to leave my 40-year career as engineer and become a Coach and Speaker.

I also gave a purpose to my job until I was ready to take the leap and quit and I posted it on my computer screen, to help me remember why I was there.

The insomnia events became less frequent, but will still visit me on some Saturday nights. Only once I set a due date to make effective the change, the insomnia disappeared.

You may not need a career change

You may not need a career change, maybe all you need is to assess your life, find the source of your dissatisfaction and reframe your situation; to give a purpose to what you can’t change, make the changes that are under your control and set a mid to long term plan to create a life that’s rewarding, motivating and fulfilling to you.

Although I went through a trial and error process to find my way out, you can streamline your process once you get clear about the life you want to live. Having the right support was critical to me and might help you get results easier and faster.

Article: The Saturday Night Syndrome - Carmita Prieto

Are you suffering from Sunday Night Blues? Let’s have a chat; I can help you find your way out of this pain.