What My Clients Say…

With Carmita’s help I could set realistic goals.

Talking to her was very important to me, due difficult times I faced on my personal life. Keeping on track despite all was happening around was key and sharing with her my advances became a ritual in my path to success.

Reviewing with Carmita all the things I have achieved was extremely important for me in order to realize that I was moving forward whenever I felt I was mired.

Today I have achieved the goal we settled down and I’m moving towards new ones.

Mariela Llovera

Maracay, Venezuela

The coaching process with Carmita brought clarity to my ideas and reinforced my discipline to methodically follow a step by step process to achieve my goals.

Carmita is very objective and has many resources to make me dig deeper, to be clear and make effective decisions

Lorena Gallo

Caracas, Venezuela


Carmita was patient and caring and she listened to me. With her intuitive assistance I have finally, after almost 15 years, set in motion an actual plan of action to obtain a professional educational goal.

Without Carmita’s guidance and encouragement, I am certain that would not yet have such clarity about what to do, how to do it and most importantly, WHY to do it.

Gina Nigro

Seville, Spain

When I started with Carmita, the only thing I knew was that I wanted to make some changes in my life and she helped me think through things and then take measures to get results.

In each session Carmita helped me to stay focused on my goals, make decisions based on my needs, and overcome the fears/insecurities that didn’t allow me to move forward. She made me see that I am enough and I deserve the best.

I really feel that I am more determined in getting what I want and I am in the right path for reaching my goals. Thanks Carmita for being firm and sensitive as needed.

Carmen Guzman

Doha, Qatar

The coaching process has helped me to shift my perspective of dreams in a transformative and empowering way.

I have discovered that all answers I was looking for in the outside were already in my mind and heart. I was encouraged to ask the right questions and take action in order to achieve my dream. Carmita also helped me to realize that there is no perfect time to act but now. Life is happening and my dreams not necessarily have to wait.  

What I like the most is the fact that I embraced my inner child, overcame fears and already reached a milestone of my personal project. I cannot believe my dream has already started.

I have enjoyed every single moment of this process; Carmita has an innate coaching talent.

I cannot thank you enough Carmita!

Gabriela Criollo

Muscat, Oman

Carmita has helped me to work on several issues during our coaching sessions. She helped me to stay focused on my main goal and also helped me with several limiting beliefs, which were holding me back from achieving my goal.

Carmita has good listening skills and always knew the right question to ask and built rapport since our first session, making the sessions very comfortable and effective.

It is clear that moving people forward with their goals to achieve their dreams is at Carmita’s heart.

Jana Smandrova

London, UK

I was looking for ways to do something else than being a home-stayed mom, but I was dispersed and didn’t know what to do or where to start. She helped me to figure things out and to get hold to my dreams. She gave me the tools to keep motivated and to not be afraid of achieving.

She made me realize that little steps count and that I must always visualize myself attaining my goals.

Thank you Carmita!

Ivette Barragan

Dubai, UAE

Don’t wait ANY longer. Let’s talk!

As a coach myself, it is important that I have the opportunity to work with my own emotions and processes so that I can grow as a person and professional.

After my sessions with Carmita not only did I discovered some amazing responses to issues that had been bothering me for a while, but also I learned new tools and methods that I’m using in my own practice now.

Her approach enabled me to really look within myself for the answers I needed, so that I could change, the thoughts that were limiting me.

Anahi Brown

Doha, Qatar

The process has been very useful in order to set appropriate goals and methods of assessing progress in relation to these goals.

It has helped me through the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to make them real.

Irene Belert

London, UK

Any interaction you have with Carmita will leave you wanting more. She is a gifted coach with the ability to ask the right questions to support you in acting on your purpose. And the key word is ACTING on your purpose and take action… and have a plan to get it.

Gabriela Pezo

Dubai, UAE

Carmita has been my friend for many years and, after she pursued her studies as a life coach, she became my coach.

As a friend, she is very, very dear to me, she taught me to be grateful at life circumstances by thinking or verbalizing a short sentence: “Bendigo y agradezco” (“I bless and give thanks”), which I have used countless of times for many years, bringing peace and positive emotions into my life.

As a coach, she has guided me to narrow down what it is that I want, what inspires me, what brings me joy; to discover or rather, realize my capabilities. Through a series of exercises that, in some instances, have challenged me, I have taken the time to think while doing them, to visualise on the future outcome. She has been kind and yet assertive when asking me questions, orienting me to establish goals, whose progress she has followed up. In addition, there have been exercises that have allowed me to get feedback -from relatives and friends- on areas of my life, to check how they “see” me and it has been interesting to find out how close their perceptions about me are! And even more interesting is that some of the characteristics, I have acknowledged in my self-assessment and others, I have not. So, it has been a discovery for me!

I amply recommend Carmita as a life coach to anyone who needs inspiration, orientation and support on how to define life goals (and achieve them!); on how to improve creativity to generate new ideas.

Yuraima Urbano

Calgary, Canada

The experience of working with Carmita was special.

The first thing was the connection with her authenticity, you know from the beginning that she cares about you and will accompany you 100% on the process that you initiate. It’s a strong filling impossible to explain with words, you need to live it, so you can understand what I mean.

She provides a guide soft and firm at the same time, which makes you feel safe and accompanied; those skills helped me to surrender to my self-discovery. The experience was a joyful gift.

In addition of being intellectually prepared to offer the best of her knowledge with accurate observations, she helped me to reinforce certainties and clear doubts, but over her intelligence is her human quality to work helping others what really motivates changes.

Having her in the field of emotional and spiritual development is a contribution that enriches the world.

Yajaira Jaume

Maracaibo, Venezuela

We all get out from College not clearly knowing what to do and how to act in a professional world that is becoming more competitive and stringent, these things are not taught in College. One day in response to one of the many job applications I have done, I received Eng. Carmen Prieto’s phone call, she gave me the opportunity to begin my professional career, being part of the team that would diagnose a Quality Management System in a local company, as starting point she gave me a training that I remember till today, as she has the gift of combining professional, personal and spiritual matters, so what she says get into your bones.

We begun to work together, she was stringent, focused on details, later I understood that you have to pursue excellence, but at first I felt the pressure and try harder and give the best I could as professional, some days I arrived home crying thinking I have taken the wrong career, little by little she continued teaching me and I begun to understand the why and what for of her requirements to the point that I could anticipate her, I was her pupil, that was a great achievement in my professional and personal life.

I knew then that she was sculpting my professional character, leveraging me in the engineering world and even giving me tools and skills for my personal life, more than my boss, she turned a loving mother I love, respect and admire; her daughter became kind of my younger sister, and they both have been in my life since then. Even in the distance she continues being my coach, my mother, the best boss I ever have had.

I am really grateful for each rigour and requirement, each caring word and hug, for helping me becoming the person I am today.

Rocelia Rodriguez

Maracaibo, Venezuela

Testimonios – Español

Tener a Carmita Prieto como mi Life Coach es para mí una experiencia desafiante porque gracias a sus certeras habilidades he logrado reconocer, desbloquear y desmontar creencias y hábitos muy arraigados e inconscientes que me hacían dar vueltas en el mismo punto en algunos aspectos de mi vida. Ella es esa voz dulce que te dice las cosas con tacto, pero hace que remuevas muchos esquemas, te anima, te apoya, te hace ver lo mejor de ti misma desde varias perspectivas y en mi caso siempre da en el punto con sus preguntas y frases concluyentes. Gracias mi valiosa Coach, por acompañarme en muchas etapas trascendentes de mi vida, mostrándome modelos y vías para crecer y retroalimentándome para alcanzar lo que quiero.

Lorena Gallo

Caracas, Venezuela

Salir de la Universidad sin saber que hacer y como comportarte en un mundo laboral que cada vez es más exigente y competitivo nos pasa a todos porque esas cosas no se aprenden en la Universidad. Un buen día recibí un llamada respondiendo a uno de las tantas solicitudes de empleo que había hecho para comenzar a ejercer como Ingeniero. Me llamaba la Ing. Carmen Prieto para darme esa oportunidad tan esperada en un proyecto; se iba a diagnosticar el Sistema de Gestión de Calidad de una empresa, antes de comenzar ella me dio un adiestramiento que hasta el día de hoy recuerdo, porque ella tiene ese don de mezclar lo profesional con lo espiritual haciendo que lo que ella dice se cale en los huesos.

Comenzamos a trabajar juntas, ella era muy exigente y detallista, después entendí que debía ser así, pero en ese momento yo me sentía muy presionada porque quería sobresalir y hacer las cosas lo mejor posible, estaba dando lo que yo creía era el todo, hasta el punto de llegar llorando a la casa pensando “me equivoque de carrera”; ella poco a poco me fue instruyendo y yo entendiendo el porque y para que de sus exigencias hasta el punto de conocerla tanto que me anticipaba a sus exigencias ya era su pupila y fue un gran logro en mi vida profesional y personal.

Supe entonces que ella estaba formando mi carácter como profesional apalancándome en el mundo de la ingeniería y más que eso me estaba dando herramientas para mi vida personal; convirtiéndose en mas que mi jefa una madre a la que amo, respeto y admiro inmensamente; su hija paso a ser mi hermanita menor y ellas dos han estado en mi vida desde entonces; aún lejos ella sigue siendo mi coach, mi madre y la mejor jefa que he tenido.

Inmensamente agradecida por cada exigencia, cada regaño, cada palabra de cariño y abrazos y por hacerme la profesional que hoy soy.

Rocelia Rodriguez

Maracaibo, Venezuela

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