I saw in www.heleo.com, the title of this article by Heleo Editors based on the interview that Srinivas Rao from the Unmistakable Creative Podcast made to @jamesclear,  a productivity expert, where they discuss the power of changing the environment, and the way we think, to steer ourselves toward better habits and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

As a Purposeful Living Advocate and somebody who is always searching for ways to improve my life and my habits, I decided to read it and share with you what is this rule about.

Clear states that we often try to achieve some type of behavior change without changing the underlying identity or the beliefs and it makes harder to achieve the goal we have set. While if you change your beliefs, the actions needed to get to your goal become so much easier.

As a way to make it easier to change a habit Clear proposes to set your environment to make it easier to do what you want to build or make it harder to do something you want to stop doing. One example he shares is that: if you want to drink more water, just have some water bottles around in your office, so it is easy for you just to grab one and drink.

His second advice is to combine setting your environment to promote your new habit with the 2 Minute Rule, in this case he proposes that you design your environment in a way that lets you get started on the things that are important to you in less than two minutes. This is important because once you get started, it’s easier to move towards your goal.

Applying these principles in the case you want to go for a run in the morning, would mean that you set your running clothes and shoes where you can just take them easily first thing in the morning and then just wear them and open the door (this you can get in 2 minutes). For sure, once you’re in the door, you’ll begin to run.

As you see, the focus isn’t in how many miles you’ll run that day, but in getting ready to go to run in less than 2 minutes.

I’ve been using this technique, even without knowing about it, for my morning mindfulness routine, which includes journaling using the Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages method. I keep the journal, the book and the pencil just on my night table, so when I wake up in the morning, I just have to take them and seated on the bed begin to do the journaling, once I begin it’s easy to complete the 3 pages required by the method.


How can you use the setting your environment and the 2 Minute Rule to build a habit you have been struggling with?