While everybody talks about it, I believe that the Work-Life Balance is a myth; it’s one of those concepts the media sales us and we buy without questioning what are we buying.

Work-Life Balance doesn’t exist, this is WHY

Although our society highlights the importance of having relevant and busy jobs and pretends that your job and your life are two separated components of your life, the truth is that your job is just a little piece of the puzzle of your life, therefore, how can you pretend to balance a part with the whole of your life? Do you get what I mean?

You have to remember that you are not human doing, you are human being, your life stands over several pillars (you can find more about these pillars here) and for you to feel in balance and have a sense of fulfilment in your life, you need:

    • Your body functioning at its best, via a good physical health, nutrition, movement, sleep, rest and pleasure.
    • Keep sharpening your mind through opportunities for continual learning, professional development, creativity and play.
    • A good emotional management by being aware of your self worth and esteem, being present and mindful, having methods for self care and stress.
    • Have a sense of meaning, purpose, contribution and connection with what you do, your spiritual beliefs and your community.
    • Feel connected, appreciated and supported both by your significant one, your family and loved ones, by your friends and community and feel connected with nature.
    • Manage wisely your resources, including your income and how you use and invest it; your physical resources; your talents, skills and experiences; and your time.

Article: "The Work-Life Balance Myth"

As you can see, your job isn’t separated from your life, it’s intertwined with most of its elements, because you need to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy; feel that what you do has a meaning and that in some way you contribute to something bigger than yourself; have healthy relationships with loved ones, friends and the environment and feel satisfied with your material resources and how you manage them, in order for you to be productive and feel that your life is meaningful and fulfilling.

I know this may sounds overwhelming but it’s easier than you think, as all these elements are interrelated and because the way you do anything is the way you do everything.

So, do you still think that having a Work-Life Balance is possible? Or do you agree with me that it’s just a myth?

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