Our mind plays games with us, making us believe things are in a certain way, but things may not be as your mind tells you.

Recently, I facilitated a workshop, inspired by the content of the book The Passion Test, by Janet Attwood and Chris Attwood, to help the participants identify what their passions are, assess whether they’re living them and find ways to purposely live them.

One of the exercises, in the workshop, involves listing what you’ll be, do and have if you are living your ideal life. After that, participants do another exercise, to choose their 5 more important passions, by following a certain methodology.

When I was explaining the methodology, one of the participants stated that, he didn’t need to do that, as he already had prioritized his passions while listing them. I however, invited him to, despite what his mind has told him, follow the methodology, as he might have a surprise.

He decided to follow my advice using the proposed methodology, just to find out that what his heart told him was different to what his mind did and that certainly the priority given by his heart was stronger and more inspiring than that his mind gave him.

If he hasn’t been open to try and challenge his mind, he would have lost part of the value from the workshop.

Listening to our heart is important because our values, our motivation and the fire to move forward when things get hard reside in our heart. Only living from our heart, we live our passions; our passions are linked to our mission, our purpose, our why, the reason why we are who we are and do what we do.

So, next time when you have to take a decision, once you’ve listened to your mind, give a chance to your heart and screen the options you’ve lined up according to what your heart tells you, because sometimes things may not be as your mind tells you they are.