Would you like your life to change? Would you like to improve your relationship with family and friends, your work and money?

All what you need is to be willing to change.

You’ll say this seems obvious, but usually when we want our reality to change, we expect the change to come from the outside, that the other people or the circumstances change. However, as you have no control on what others do or don’t do, the only way your life can change is from within.

Then the main question is Are you willing to change?

For your life to change, you shall be willing to change the way you see life, the way you think and even the way you talk.

I know this may seem confusing, but only even if you only change one of your thoughts pattern, your world will begin to change.

You’re creating your life and reality with your thoughts and attitudes. Therefore, if your results, your life aren’t what you want to have, you should take a moment to review the tools your using in your creation, I mean, your thoughts and attitudes.

Albert Einstein once said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, hence, by keeping your thoughts and beliefs about life, the others, love, friendship, work, money, etc., you’ll perpetuate the reality you’re living in, if you don’t like something in it, it’s time for you to find out what thoughts or attitudes are creating it.

Your thoughts and beliefs trigger your attitudes and expectations, e.g. if I believe that work is a punishment, more probably my attitude will be rejecting my job and to expect it to be a burden. With this attitude I’ll pay more attention to the burden, either in the way of my salary, my boss, my coworkers and will live a punishment for 8 or more hours a day and 5 to 6 days a week.

But, if I decide that my job is a way to exchange my talents and time for money and some benefits, that allow me to have the lifestyle I want or achieve a certain goal in my life, my attitude towards my job will change. I’ll find more opportunities to use my talents, be more proactive and be active member of my team; I’ll appreciate the benefits I receive and even if I have clear goals, I can estimate how closer I get to them every working day, and can even get to appreciate that colleague I disliked at first.

In both cases the job is the same, but my thoughts and attitud have changed, changing my results.

I know this makes a difference, because I did it.

The last 2 years working in the same position and company, were completely different to the previous 5, as my job went from being a punishment to being an opportunity to get the training I wanted and save the money I needed to change my career. Each day of those last years had a purpose for me, I had a clear intention, I even had a Post-it on my computer’s screen with how much I was saving every day.

To summarize, if you like your life to change, the first step is to be willing to change, then identify what you have to change and consciously change the beliefs and attitudes that are creating a reality you don’t want to continue living. It’s totally up to you to change your reality.

Are you willing to change and create a new reality for your life?


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Image: by Jessica001234 via Pixabay