About You

Let me guess, you are here because:

  • You are a smart, creative, ingenious, loving, caring, courageous and well educated professional woman with a successful career, but you feel something is missing and you are not living to your full potential;
  • you want to make some changes in your life, but are afraid it would add to your already complicated life;
  • you have a project you have been dreaming about but you are not sure how to bring it to fruition;
  • you have been so focused on your family or career that you have lost yourself on the way and would love to reconnect with your essence and feel more alive;
  • you are getting retired from your professional career, and you believe you have lots of knowledge, experience and energy to share with others and would like to find out your new career or an activity to dedicate your time to.

Carmita helped me to figure things out and to get hold to my dreams. She gave me the tools to keep motivated and to not be afraid of achieving.

Ivette Barragan

Dubai, UAE

Did I get it right? Don’t worry…


I am here to help you.

I am an expert at supporting successful and courageous women like you to implement the changes, systems and tools that allow them to live each day feeling motivated and fulfilled, like they have a reason to take action, feeling in control of their circumstances and what is happening in their lives, having a North and knowing where they are heading to with their life.

Here is what I KNOW about YOU.

You feel:

  • Overwhelmed by the amount of roles and responsibilities you play daily.
  • Tired of doing things that have no meaning to you.
  • Demotivated, even depressed, as you think your life is too dull.
  • Disconnected from who you really are and what ignites your passion and motivation.
  • That although you have it all, there is something missing, but you can’t point out what exactly that is.
  • That you would like to be of a better contribution to others.

You dream to have a life where:

  • Your roles are balanced;
  • you have time for yourself;
  • you feel joy and motivation;
  • you learn and grow as a person;
  • you feel appreciated, and
  • you feel you are contributing to a better society.

Trust me, you already have all it takes to become the person you want to be and have the life you are longing for. You just need to reconnect with your essence and have right tools to get what you want.